We are passionate about giving the more conscious consumer options to lessen their footprint on the world. We care about the state of our planet and want to pass it on to our children in a similar state that we received it from our parents...

"We use creativity to re-think, re-design and re-make differently and in so doing, protect tomorrow better"

Reducing waste to landfill

Our approach

  • We offer waste minimisation solutions to large companies by finding ways to reprocess the waste they dispose of
  • We work with waste management companies to develop and implement waste tracking and streaming systems that allow us to divert clean waste for products using processes specificly developed for that waste stream
  • After developing the process and products we develop markets for them and then set up manufacturing facilities to meet the demand we have created

The benefits

  • Waste disposal is reduced thereby reducing both cost to company and the impact on landfills / the environment
  • Jobs are created and awareness in our youth is lifted as we create a new lower carbon footprint eco-aesthetic.
  • usually there is an educational component to our products tereby increasing awareness in both producers and users.



If you have a big waste challenge, please contact us... We usually can develop a custom solution.

Discerning buyers...

If you want to buy ethical, local and eco, check our products page for some of the most creative eco-products you can buy. And... keep checking as we have plans to launch many more ranges of eco-products over the next few months. Especially watch this spot for our new range of educational blocks developed in conjunction with some of South Africa's most qualified educators and compliant with international health, safety and educational standards.